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Upper Limb Orthosis With Adjustment Of Forearm Rotation And Radial And Ulnar Deviation

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The forearm is made up of two bones, the radius and ulna. In most cases of forearm fractures, both bones are broken. Forearm bones can break in many ways. The fracture when bone fragments stick out through the skin is called an open fracture, which is dangerous because of the risk of infection. On the contrary, a closed fracture is the broken bone that does not penetrate the skin. The most common causes of forearm fractures include direct blow, fall on an outstretched arm and motor or car accident. There is impossible to miss this fracture. When it occurs, the limb is swollen, bruised and painful. Also, the upper limb’s mobility is limited.

The treatment of open fracture is surgery. In case of closed fractures the bones are first repositioned into their normal alignment and immobilized. It does not matter which way of treatment is chosen. The effective immobilization is essential. Due to the fact, that forearm is connected with elbow and wrist, the forearm stabilization is possible only by immobilization of the wrist and elbow. In addition, the forearm may be rotated when radius goes around the ulna which does not move. In case of fracture, the rotational motion should be reduced. It is possible with using our professional AM-SL-03 upper limb orthosis which provides wrist immobilization and reduces the forearm rotation. What is more, the brace allows to adjust required position of rotation and ulnar or radial deviation.

Product’s description

Upper limb brace AM-SL-03 is a professional product for perfect stabilization and elbow, wrist and forearm immobilization. It is our unique solution which is much better and safer than traditional cast immobilization. First of all, the brace provides perfect adjustment of joint’s angles what improves healing. Secondly, the forearm fracture is often connected with blood vessels damage. putting the limb into the cast may result in necrosis. Our brace provides perfect monitoring of the skin’s condition and prevents against the dangerous necrosis. Due to this facts, using of our upper limb orthosis AM-SL-03 is the best solution for effective and perfect immobilization.

AM-SL-03 upper extremity brace is equipped with two anatomic shaped arm and forearm plastic elements. They are light weight and fit to the limb perfectly.

Our elbow brace AM-SL-03 is equipped with one aluminum splint with arm and forearm length adjustment. This solution allows to produce this product only in one universal size.

The aluminum splint is equipped with Press-Slide System. The length adjustment is done without any tools and it’s very easy and smooth.


The elbow part has adjuster of forearm rotation. This smooth adjustment allows to place forearm in the required position. The adjuster is above the olecranon and the access and the adjustment are very easy. There is only necessary to turn the dial for placing the forearm pronation, supination or in the neutral position. The adjuster is equipped with comfort termoformated pad which reduces the pressure on the bones and nerves in the elbow area.


Our elbow brace AM-SL-03 has special hinge and you can adjust is with using included Allen key. The hinge allows to place the wrist in palmar and dorsal flexion or in neutral position.

On the palmar suface we introduced one more adjuster which provides ulnar or radial deviation. To screws allow to immobilize the wrist in the required, healing position.

Also, there is comfortable fingers separator which keeps the fingers in the correct position. If it is unnecessary, you can reattach it easily.

On the dorsal side, we attach special hand strap for better hand positioning.


Wrap-around straps provide perfect fitting according to limb’s circumferences. For example, immediately after injury when the limb is swollen, the straps may be loosen. When the limb will be a little recovered, the compression may be higher.

Soft lining is made of innovative, skin-friendly fabric UniPren.


UniPren™ is universal 3-layered fabric made of external elastic polyamide self-gripping layer and internal perforated neoprene foam with elastic jersey. Foam’s perforation improves the air circulation and maintains great skin’s condition. Our fabric is soft and elastic and not knitted, what prevents skin against the skin abrasions in the compression zones. The braces made of UniPren provide the best stabilization in market. Self-gripping function of UniPren allows to fit the brace precisely. WATERPROOF MATERIAL.

The upper limb brace AM-SL-03 provides full day and night stabilization and immobilization. UniPren is a waterproof fabric, your child may take a shower without removing the brace from the limb.

Surowiec wodoodporny

All of these soft elements are easy to reattach for washing.

Purpose of use

• Epicondyle fracture of the humerus
• Elbow dislocation
• Distal Radial Ulnar Joint (DRUJ) injury
• Forearm injury
• Olecranon fracture
• Monteggia Fracture
• Galeazzi fracture
• Essex-Lopresti fracture
• Tendons and ligaments injuries
• Wrist injuries
• Chronic elbow injuries
• Elbow hyperextension

Available sizes

Size (A) Arm circumference (B) The length from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus to the wrist How to measure
Universal min 28 – max 35 cm
min 11″ – max 13,8″
min 22 – max 31 cm
min 8,7″ – max 12,2″
How to measure
Total height of the product Total length of product
min 25 cm – max 28 cm
min 9,8″ – max 11″
min 43 cm – max 52 cm
min 16,9″ – max 20.5″

Right and left hand specific.

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